A big thank you goes to our sponsors

On Monday, May 23rd, record crowds came out to join the festivities at the Nobleton Arena. With the communities and local business sponsors participation, the NVA marked the most well-attended event on record.

The Nobleton Village Association would also like to thank the countless volunteers who worked tirelessly on the day to make everything run smoothly, the committee members: Jim Streb, Giosetta Belperio, Daniela Campoli, Lucy Belperio, Linzi Fleetwood, Jackie and Megan Downey and of course, our favorite, Cody. The money raised will stay in town to help beautify Nobleton and put on our Community-driven events.

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Apart from beautifying Nobleton

throughout the year, the NVA is responsible for executing the village’s 2 marquee events. If you’d like to volunteer for either event, please contact us-we’re always happy to receive help!

Nobleton is an outstanding community full of heritage, charm and vitality. We are a growing community and with growth there is ample opportunity.

Councilor David Boyd

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