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It all started with one lit tree in Cherry Park in 2003. Since then, the NVA has worked with various groups to help make Nobleton become an aesthetically pleasing village we are proud to call home. We work hard to maintain the benches, flowers and various landmarks around town. Throughout the years, this has included purchasing benches to help make our village core more pedestrian friendly, working with the Township to help design and build the Gazebo and surrounding landscape, and the Pergola and gardens in Cherry Park, and countless more initiatives.

In 2009 we merged with the Nobleton Beautification Committee and the Victoria Day Fair to house all of our programs under one umbrella. With the merger of events into our Association, our focus expanded to include providing the Nobleton Victoria Day Fair and the Nobleton Tree Lighting Ceremony on an annual basis. Our volunteers work throughout the year planning our events and organizing the decorations and flowers for our gardens and hydro poles.


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Director ( Volunteers)

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Councillor David Boyd

Councillor, Nobleton

Apart from beautifying Nobleton

throughout the year, the NVA is responsible for executing the village’s 2 marquee events. If you’d like to volunteer for either event, please contact us-we’re always happy to receive help!

Nobleton is an outstanding community full of heritage, charm and vitality. We are a growing community and with growth there is ample opportunity.

Councilor David Boyd

  • 2015/16

    Produced the Nobleton Business Directory Established contact with all new businesses
  • 2014

    Purchased and maintained the flower baskets through out the town. Purchased annuals to enhance the gardens . Worked with the Township to improved the Christmas lighting at the Gazebo and have lights put on the Cherry Park Pergola.
  • 2013

    This year we revamped, replanted, and added to the Gazebo and Nobleton Arena, Cherry Park, and HillFarm Road flower beds. Once again we purchased and maintained all the hanging flower baskets in town. Decorated and had the Christmas Tree Lighting, gathering at the Gazebo.
  • 2012

    This year, the NVA is focusing on enhancing Cherry Park with a pergola and new gardens, with other projects to be listed as they develop.
  • 2011

    Added more lights to the Gazebo and embellished the Christmas Theme.
 Hosted the Christmas Tree Lighting and Toy drive at the Gazebo.
  • 2009

    This was the official year, the NVA came to be. The Victoria Day fair and the Beautification Committee are now all part of this one group.
  • 2008

    We enhanced the Village with more flowers and Gateway signs, the Town put in the “Gateways”. Designed and built the Cherry Park Pergola Project Purchased all plant material and the benches
  • 2007

    Christmas wreaths were hung and Christmas lights were added to the Gazebo. First “Light the Tree” event took place.
  • 2006

    We added more benches and designed, built and planted other gardens throughout our village. Initiated Gazebo Project and raised $75,000.00 towards it. Designed the gardens and had all the plant material donated by local, Wilson Landscaping and Construction. History: The actual site was once the area Stagecoach stop Hanging basket project expanded to include Schomberg and King City
  • 2005

    Purchased park benches to be placed in strategic locations to encourage residents to walk throughout the Village. Started the Nobleton summer hanging flower basket project Back them we had baskets and barrels at all the posts.